At GatherHouse,

we stand strong on the belief that when God’s people worship, God is enthroned on our praise. As we bow down before Him, He is lifted up and glorified. Our melodies are our weapons - our songs are our war cries. We also believe the spiritual effects of prayer and intercession thoroughly disrupt the assignment of and overthrow the dark spirits and hosts of wickedness in the unseen realm. It is because of these core scriptural beliefs that we gather to sing of the greatness of our God and bring our requests and prayers before Him. 

It doesn’t take much but a quick scroll through a social media newsfeed to discern the very present darkness facing the Church. While history has seen many dark seasons, it could be said that this season is uniquely marked by a heavy spirit of fear and chaos, the likes of which we have not seen before. Perhaps this is true, but we do not dwell on these things. Instead we rejoice, because we know our God is still seated on the Throne! We believe that His plan is greater and His ways are higher! We trust Him in all things and press on full of faith in this truth:


We are not defeated! 


The cross of Jesus Christ eternally rings out the glorious truth that It Is Finished! Hallelujah, He has won the victory! 


To that end, we must not and cannot live in fear. For if we know fear and darkness have been defeated, if we remain living in fear we fall prey to merely a false deception of the enemy. We must keep on with our faith strong, eyes towards heaven, without hesitation, pressing on toward the mission set before us: To see the Kingdom of God come to earth as it is in Heaven! To see revival of every heart and a glorious awakening of every nation! Until that beautiful and glorious day of the returning of our Lord Jesus Christ - we commit ourselves to nothing less than full surrender and devotion to the calling of every believer. 


It is because of this heartbeat and our commitment to the Kingdom, we will continue to meet for our monthly GatherNights. Including this Monday, June 29th, at 7:00 PM. 


Please note: We will be taking every precautionary measure to create a safe and socially responsible environment. We are following all the recommended CDC guidelines and social distancing will be highly encouraged. Your body is the temple of God and you are ultimately responsible for stewarding that holy temple. If you know that you are highly susceptible to infection or your immune system is compromised, we recommend that you remain home and join us at our next GatherNight.


We can't wait to gather together again to worship and we would love to see you at GatherHouse on Friday, July 31st at 7:00 PM. 


We love you GatherHouse family! 


- The GatherHouse Crew